You Just Won a Prize!!!!

Surprise!!!  You’re a winner!!!  (I’m speaking to the 1st 25 to follow this blog and post your claim here)

UPDATE:  As of 12pm on Friday, Dec. 2nd, we have 25 confirmed winners!  We have our grand total!  See below for their names.  Congratulations Ladies!  I’m finishing up with stitching all of these out and will announce when they are ready.

Did you miss out on this contest?  No worries!  Just sign up to follow our blog via email and you’ll be among the first to know when we launch our NEXT gift-away.  (New contest coming soon!)

Steps to Win:

  • If you’re not already following, register to follow this blog by clicking on the link in our side-bar.
  • Then, contact me through making a comment on this blog post
  •  Let me know which item you want to claim – the key fob or the koozie
  • Let me know what name or letter you’d like me to custom embroider on your item
  • -Or- let me know if you want to receive it as a blank.  (A blank is an item that is ready for you to embroider yourself. )

I bet you want to see what you get, right?

Well, I decided to give you a choice between the two items pictured here.

As we get our 25 winners, I’ll get these gift-away items stitched out and over to Humble Sewing Center – Sew Vac Outlet for you to pick up.  I’ll announce when they are ready for pick-up and then you can stop by at your convenience!

Winner’s List:

  1. Tina Tran – key fob – “Tina” in blue
  2. Liz Taylor – key fob – “Liz” in green
  3. Kathy Pigg – key fob – “Maw”
  4. Terri Sexton – koozie – “T”
  5. Sandy Wilkinson – key fob “Sandy”
  6. Patty Holmes – key fob “Patty”
  7. Rosalind Dunagan – key fob “Ros”
  8. Pat Ferr – blank key fob kit “girly colors”
  9. Joyce James – key fob – “Joyce” in red
  10. Alice Anjo – key fob – “Alice”
  11. Ann Mazoch – key fob – “Ann” in blue
  12. Lee Sweeney – key fob – “Lee” in lime green
  13. Melanie Leach – key fob – “Dillan” boy colors
  14. Janetta – key fob – “Janetta” red or blue
  15. Stacie Davis – key fob- “Stacie”
  16. Carrie Meeker -key fob- “Carrie” in pink
  17. Holly Bard – key fob- “Chris” in green
  18. Evonne Cobb – key fob – “Evonne” in pink
  19. Mary Benniee – key fob – “MB”, in pink
  20. Gayle Coleman – koozie – “Gayle”, red
  21. Rose Poppwitz – key fob- “Glenn”
  22. Georgann Putnam – koozie – “G”
  23. Pamela Sugg – key fob – “Pam”
  24. Charlene Everitt – key fob – “Charlene”
  25. Liz Richardson – koozie – “L” in red or green

Let’s Get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny

43 thoughts on “You Just Won a Prize!!!!

  1. Rosalind Dunagan

    I really enjoyed our class and i love the blog. I would like a key fob with my nickname (Ros) on it. Thanks for a great lesson

  2. Pat

    I like the new Sew Vac Outlet blog and I think the prizes are fun! Can I get a blank key fob in colors for a girl. Thanks Pat

  3. Liz Taylor

    Wow – this is great – I NEVER win!!! Thank you! Can I also get a key fob, in green? BTW – someone jinxed me ….. serger thread broke! it was scary for about 15 minutes at my house! Sanity and calm prevailed and all is well…. 😉

  4. Sandy Wilkinson

    Jenny, I like you site and the blog will be great to follow. I know you will have great information to share with us. I would like the key fob if I am one of the lucky 25. Sandy

  5. Jenny Gabriel Post author

    Hi Ladies!
    So far, you all are the charter members of this blog and winners of this gift-away.
    We’ve got 16 more to go! Feel free to share this contest with your friends so we can get to 25 in record time!

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    1. Pamela Sugg

      I love my machines from Humble Sew and Vac! I have so many designs done that I will have a gift for everyone this year! I would like to have a key fob if I am a winner with Pam on it. I can’t wait to keep in touch with your new site. Pamela Sugg

  11. Evonne Cobb

    Just visited your store today looking at new sewing machines. I’d love a pink key fob with my name Evonne on it.

  12. benniee

    I have enjoyed taking Serger classes with you in the past and I would love a key fob with the Initials (M B ) in a bright color. I love bright pink and Script lettering.


  13. Rose Popowitz

    well, gosh, I don’t know if I could be a winner or not but maybe? If so, I’d like a key fob with Glenn written on it.

  14. Georgann Putnam

    Nice to see the creative juices flowing at SewVac outlet. Thanks for the gift. I would like the tumbler with the inital “G”.
    Looking forward to your blog.

    Georgann Putnam

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      1. Jenny Gabriel Post author

        Hi Rhonda,
        Are you following using a different email address than the chihuahau one? If so, what is it? I have to verify each winner as an active email follower before they can qualify and I’m not seeing you on the list. If you aren’t following via email, please click the link on our side menu, register and confirm, and you can be lucky winner #25!

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