Embroidery Club – Gift Bag (Dec. 1, 2011)

Embroidery Club is on Thursday, Dec. 1 a 5:30. This is a busy time of year for everyone. We are all busy with shopping and finishing those Christmas projects. This month in Embroidery Club we are going to use the Chic Travel Project CD to create a holiday gift bag that can be used after the gift is open. We are going to make the Shoe Bag which can be embroidered in the 5×7 hoop. This will be a fun project to inspire. Why not pick some holiday fabrics for your  “shoe bag.”  You can use the shoe design included on the CD or  bring your own designs. If you decide to bring your own designs try to pick one that is approximate 6 – 6 3/4″ x 1 – 1 1/2″ for lettering.  The design replacement for the shoe 4 3/4″ x 6″ . The sizes are approximate and should fit in a 5×7 hoop. As long as the design you select fits in the 5×7 hoop, we can make it work for the project.

Please note, the fee for Embroidery Club has changed it is now $10.

Shoe Bag
¨ 5 x 7 hoop
¨ fat eighth fabric G
¨ fat eighth fabric H
¨ fat quarter fabric I & J
¨ 45” ribbon or cording for drawstring
¨ 1 spool embroidery thread to coordinate with fabric
¨ 1 spool all-purpose sewing thread
¨ 1/4 yd. lining (optional)

¨ Embroidery Machine, power cord and foot pedal
¨ Embroidery Hoop (make sure you bring the correct hoop size!)
¨ PROJECTS CD Chic Travel Accessories (29.99) required for class
¨ Printed template of Shoe Bag (if making this version)
¨ Printed design for placement (optional)
¨ Sewing Machine Feet: Embroidery Foot, Regular Sewing Foot, Edge Stitching foot  (if you have one)

¨ Scissors
¨ Ruler
¨ Rotary Cutter & Mat (mat and cutter available in the classroom)
¨ Safety pin or Bodkin for threading drawstring
¨ Embroidery Needle, size 75/11

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About Designs by Marje

Marje is an avid sewing and machine embroidery enthusiast. She started sewing as a teenager and has continued sewing through the years. About 15 years ago she purchased her first embroidery machine and software. She was hooked! Marje previously worked in the information technology field for 35 years which has given her a solid background in computer technology and software. She has been teaching sewing machine guide classes and embroidery software classes for more than 12 years. Her resume includes teaching at a number of local sewing machine shops and at the Husqvarna Viking Annual Dealer Convention where she taught classes on Embroidery software to dealers and their associates. By attending her sewing, machine embroidery and embroidery software classes you will expand your knowledge in sewing, embroidery, software, and computer technology.

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