Still Busting My Fabric Stash: Just Made the Cottage Apron!

Cottage Apron from book: "One Yard Wonders"

In between blog posts, thinking of new give-aways, being a home school mom, shuttling my kids to dance classes, teaching sewing classes, etc., I am still diligently chipping away at my fabric stash.

Remember those cute place mats I just made and posted a tutorial for?  Well, I had about one yard left over of the gingerbread fabric and I said to myself, “Self! You can make the cottage apron from that sweet book you just bought!  Your friend Stacie  just did, and hers turned out so cute!”  So……I did.

The patchwork place mat has matching gingerbread fabric on the back. It's me.

Back View of Cottage Apron Designed by: Charlot Meyer

The apron pattern called for using ribbon for the waist ties and back straps, but I didn’t have any 2″ wide ribbon on hand.  So, I made straps from the remainder of my fabric.  Here’s a view of the back of the apron.

The pattern calls for sewing the eyelet to the neckline of the apron AFTER the bias tape binding.  This makes the eyelet point towards your face.  I liked the way Stacie did hers, so I followed her example instead of the instructions.

Jenny's Cottage Apron

Also, the pattern did not call for trimming the pockets with the pre-gathered eyelet, but I love eyelet.  So, I chose to add in an extra touch of it….

Eyelet trimmed pockets

Victory!!! One more yard of fabric is officially BUSTED!

With the gathers, bust darts, eyelet trim, criss-cross tie backs, etc., I think this is one of the “cutest” aprons that I’ve made so far.

I hope you like aprons, too, because, I’ve got a shameful amount of patterns and good intentions to sew them out soon……   Be forewarned, more aprons to come!

Thanks for reading!

Let’s Get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny

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7 thoughts on “Still Busting My Fabric Stash: Just Made the Cottage Apron!

  1. Stacie

    Scariest words I ever heard, “I followed Stacie’s example instead of the instructions.” Giggle! That is super cute! Now I want to make another one for Christmas. I love that book.

  2. Jenny Gabriel Post author

    You are a hoot! Loving that book, too! Next aprons I’m making from “One Yard Wonders” will be the toddler one and the art teacher apron/tote from laminated cotton…… I have a sister who teaches art and she has a baby girl.

  3. Rose

    I love that apron. Last time I had friends over for dinner, I was wearing an apron that my Mom used to wear. They were surprised that ANYONE used aprons anymore….but they were grinning when they said that….

  4. Susie

    Thank you for sharing! I love the detail with the lace and piping. Very pretty and something one of your grand children will fondly cherish. Bye, gotta go sew!

  5. Jenny Gabriel Post author

    Thanks for liking my apron! I ran a quick errand the other night and wore it to the store! I had just baked some brownies and I guess I was in the June Cleaver mood!


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