Sewing Machine Nostalgia with Betty Hutton

Hi Ladies! and any Crafty Gents!

I hope you all had a lovely Monday!  I spent the day working on my promised “Place Mat Love Part 2 – The Binding…”  For now, I’ve got some pictures to share and soon, yes, very soon, I will actually be posting my very first official video tutorial which details the “how-to’s” of putting this baby together with NO hand sewing required!!!  Woot!  LUV those sewing tips!

But, before I share place mat pictures, please join me in a moment of cinematic nostalgia with the lovely, Betty Hutton, singing, “The Sewing Machine Song.”

Wasn’t that fun? I hope you liked it as much as me. She was one great performer….

Anyway, here’s a few pictures (a sneak preview) of what I’ve been up to today. And I will be posting the binding video just as soon as possible.

Getting Started.... Cutting out front, batting, and backing 14"x20" & Marking a grid on the front fabric...

My friend and yours, the "Curved Safety Pin"

All pinned up and ready to quilt!


All Done! Ooops, you blinked and missed my binding trick.... Stay tuned for the video.... Coming SOON, I promise!

Front View - Close up

Back View - Close up

Thanks for reading!  That’s all for now, except a friendly reminder that there is STILL time to register to win our current gift give-away.

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Let’s Get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny

3 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Nostalgia with Betty Hutton

  1. ySande

    Enjoyed your video put a smile on my face; cant’ believe I had never heard the song. Can’t wait for your video!!
    Happy Sewing

  2. Jenny Gabriel Post author

    Thanks! The video is ready to upload to YouTube, except that it’s a little over a gig in size. Soooo, my dear hubby will be compressing it today and hopefully upload it before bedtime! Yay!

  3. Darius Schepp

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