Tips for Sewing Custom Sized Buttonholes & Sewing on Buttons by Machine

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Heads up ladies!  This post is two-fold.

First some tips about button-holes and sewing on buttons by machine and second, I’m sharing something I posted on The Sew Weekly Challenge – “StitchinJenny’s Favorite Wrap Skirt”.   (This skirt has 2 buttonholes!)

For those of you who own Janome machines, I’m linking to 3 different Janome video clips that focus on buttonholes and sewing on buttons.  Hopefully, the information demonstrated will also shed some light on the matter for those of you who own various other brands of machines.

And, I’m also posting a VERY helpful video from Nancy Zieman demonstrating:  making buttonholes, safely cutting them open, properly placing them on your project etc.  As usual, Nancy is the Queen of sharing lots of wonderful tips!


We're outside for this picture, so I could only safely show you one of the two buttonholes!

Video Links:

Custom Sized Buttonhole

Sewing on a 2-hole Button by Machine

Sewing on a 4-hole Button by Machine

StitchinJenny’s Favorite Wrap Skirt – The following is reposted from my contribution to The Sew Weekly:

Name & Location:  Jenny Gabriel, New Caney, Texas

Blog:  Sew Vac Outlet (Humble Sewing Center) Blog

How Long Have You Been Sewing:  I first started sewing with my Grandma’s needle and thread at the age of 5.  But, I didn’t really pick up sewing until 1997 when she passed away and bequeathed me her entire sewing room, machines and all.  Since then, I have become quite the sewing junkie.

Why did you want to commit to The Sew Weekly Challenge:  I’ve been following along from the sidelines for a while now, and decided it was time to join in on the fun.  I’m also hoping to bust my fabric stash by sewing out as many of the upcoming challenges as possible.

What do you love most about sewing garments:  I love the entire creative process and being able to customize the fit for my short waisted, small bosomed, pear shaped body.

What do you hate most about sewing garments:  I hate being reminded that I’m short waisted, small bosomed, and pear shaped. JK. The only thing I hate about sewing garments is that I don’t have the luxury of unlimited time to sew.

What do you want to accomplish this year with regard to the challenge:  I want to expand my sewing skills and see if I can produce something worthy to achieve the spotlight on the Sew Weekly.

Your biggest non-sewing goal of 2012:  I want to find a better balance between work and play.  I’m such a type-A personality that I will work, work, work and forget to take time to relax, play, and enjoy the people in my life that mean most to me.

What are your favorite sewing/fashion blogs: Nancy Zieman, my lifetime sewing mentor from afar, has just invited me to participate in her January blog tour! (I love this lady, her show, and her blog!)

Another blog I that I enjoy reading because it’s so fun to follow her sewing adventures and sense of humor is:  Stacie Thinks She Can.

I also appreciate the content found at anna maria horner and colette.

Lastly, when I’m on pinterest, clicking around on crafty and sewing related pins, I’m constantly stumbling into some wonderful blogs which I then pin so I’ll be able to find them again: My Pinterest Link

Me, flirting with the cameraman, my handsome hubby! All photos by Rory Gabriel Photography

My favorite garment of 2011 is the wrap skirt I made from McCalls pattern 5430.  During 2011, I made several garments, but aside from my favorite pair of pj’s, I wear this skirt the most.  It was quick and easy to make.  I like the fit, the waist tie and the button up closure.

The Facts

Fabric:  Cotton Print

Pattern:  McCalls 5430

Year:  2011

Notions:  two 5/8″ buttons from my Grandma’s button box

Time to Complete:  Start to finish, about 4 hours

First Worn:  to my friend, Shawn’s, baby shower

Wear Again:  Yes!

Total Price:  less than $20

I love these waist ties!

Skirt has 2 Buttons in waistband to keep the wrap skirt from slipping down while wearing.

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