Sew-Along Update & T-Shirt Quilt Supply List!

A few days ago I announced that we would soon be doing our 1st quarterly sew-along.

I offered 4 projects for you to vote on…… T-Shirt Quilt, Pencil Skirt, PJ’s, & Rain Coat.

The project that received the most votes is the……. drum roll please……..     T-Shirt Quilt!

(Scroll Down to see the supply list, then click this link to see the “Headquarters Page” that has each step of our T-Shirt Quilt sew along.)

Second place was the Rain Coat, Third place was the Pencil Skirt, and last was the PJ’s.

Perhaps the T-Shirt Quilt’s victory is a blessing in disguise.  Now you will have plenty of time to order the Amy Butler rain coat pattern and your needed yardage of the laminated cotton.  I’ve seen some nice laminated cottons at High Fashion Fabrics and I know a few ladies who have also bought it online….

Anyway, I’m also planning to do a tutorial for an invisible zipper and darts soon, so no frowny faces from our non-quilters, OK?

Let’s take a look at what we need to make the T-Shirt Quilt and also our start date!

Supply List & Start Date

Finished Quilt Size = 54″ x 70″

You will need:

  • Quilt Blocks:  12 t-shirts (please do not cut up your t-shirts yet!)  -or- fabric for 12 blocks that are each 15″x15″  (Suggestion:  If you are not using t-shirts, you could use 3 coordinating fabrics in your quilt.  You will need 1 yard of fabric A, 1 yard of fabric B, and one yard of fabric C.)
  • Fusible Interfacing:  If you are using t-shirts, you will need 6 yards of 20″ wide, Pellon feather weight, fusible interfacing (make sure it’s a very light weight, non-stretchy  interfacing!)
  • Batting:  1 package of low loft, cotton batting to fit a 60″x75″ quilt (batting dimensions are on the packages)
  • Sashing Fabric:  2 & 1/4 yards of 45″ wide fabric for border sashing & internal sashing on front of quilt
  • Backing Fabric:  3 & 1/2 yards of of 45″ wide fabric for back of quilt
  • Optional Binding Fabric:  If you want to bind your quilt, I’ll show you how during this sew along.  You can purchase 3 packages of Wrights, Extra Wide, Double Fold Bias tape -or- make your own out of a coordinating fabric.  To make your own binding, you will need to purchase 1 & 1/8 yard of 45″ wide fabric.  (I’ll show you how to make your own binding during this sew along…)

  • Notions:  Thread to match fabric for border and quilt back, size 14 universal sewing machine needles, 100 or more quilters CURVED safety pins

My friend and yours, the curved safety pin!

Start Date

Now that you have your supply list, it’s time to go shopping!

On Wednesday, Feb. 8th, I will post Part One of the T-Shirt Quilt Sew Along:   “Preparing Your T-Shirt and/or Fabric Blocks”

Feel free to comment here with any questions about your supply list or if you are wanting to make your quilt a different size and need help figuring out how much fabric to buy…

Check out the T-shirt quilt that my friend made!

The quilt shown here was made by Patty Holmes (pretty lady on the left) who took my quilt class when I offered it at Sew Crafty Houston.

After her 1st quilt, she decided to make another, extra special quilt.  She had each member of our Sew Crafty crew make one block for the quilt (Mo made 2 blocks) and Patty put it all together.  Once the quilt was finished, we all got together for dinner and presented it to our friend, the owner of Sew Crafty Houston, Sarah Gabbart (pretty lady on the right).  We love you, Sarah!

For this quilt, Patti chose to use 9 blocks with sashing and borders to frame all the blocks.  Instead of binding the quilt, she used the “pillow case” method that I shared during our class.  (I’ll demo this method during the sew along as one of your finishing options.)

The quilt shown below, is the one I made as a class sample.  I used 12 blocks and the finished quilt size is 54″x70″.  This lays nicely on a twin sized bed.

Well, that’s all for now!

I’ll still be blogging about other sewing, serging, and embroidery tips and techniques while our sew-along is in progress, so keep checking in!

Let’s get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny

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