How to Transfer Embroidery Designs to your USB Stick

Hey! Hi! Hello!

It’s been a little while since I’ve added a post of my own.  I hope you are all enjoying the Skirt Sew Along with our wonderful Stacie!

(The t-shirt quilt sew-along is kind of on hold for now – Sorry ’bout that!  Please be patient with me!  I promise that I won’t leave you hanging too much longer….)

Ok, so today I’m sharing a very brief, 2-part video clip, in which I demo how to transfer embroidery designs from your design CD over to your USB stick.

Before viewing, I have 2 disclaimers:

#1 I used my husband’s iPhone to film this, so it’s a skinny screen.

#2 In the video, we are transferring all the designs from the cd onto the USB stick – but that is not generally recommended.  You see, your USB stick is really not meant to “store” your collections of embroidery designs.  If you cram it full of 30 or more designs, your embroidery machine is going to take FOREVER to read your USB stick the next time you plug it in.  So, instead of bogging down your stick with hundreds of designs that you may not ever stitch out anyway, you may want to only transfer the designs that you are ready to stitch out right now.

And…..without further delay….da, da, DA!   Transfer Part 1 & Part 2 by:  StitchinJenny

I’m no computer guru, but I hope this helps!

Thanks so much!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny


12 thoughts on “How to Transfer Embroidery Designs to your USB Stick

  1. Shoaib Khan

    Embroidery enhances clothing and home decor items. You can transfer embroidery designs onto fabric using an inexpensive heat transfer pencil. Draw or trace your design on paper, and transfer it to your fabric with an iron. Choose light colored cloth for best results. Always conduct one or more tests on a scrap of the fabric, or in an inconspicuous spot, to determine the best iron temperature setting and pressing time.

  2. シャネル バッグ

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