Skirt Sew Along Part 4: Side Seams

I love this step in the process. Once you sew the front and back pieces of the skirt together, it really starts to look like a skirt! We will also finish the seams to prevent them from fraying in the future. There are so many ways to finish seams, but for this sew along I am keeping things easy.

For this step I will show you how to sew your side seams together using the pink skirt. Then we will do seam finishes: the pink skirt is a pinking sheared seam, the blue skirt is a zig-zagged seam. This project would also be a nice one to experiment with a french seam. Whichever one you choose, don’t forget to finish the seam under the zipper you inserted. On my skirt I zig-zagged the bottom of the seam and zig-zagged the fabric sewn to the zipper tape.


Place the front and back of the skirt right sides together. Line up the side seams using the notches you made. You may also pin to help keep them in place while you sew.


Sew each of the side seams together using a 5/8 inch seam allowance. I use a magnet to help me stay lined up, but you could also just eyeball it or use a post it note as a guide to follow. This is where you will choose your seam finish. Also note, if you would like to carefully try on the skirt to check the fit it is best to do this before you finish the side seams. This will be the easiest time to take it in or let it out as needed.

Pinking Sheared Seam


Using your pinking shears trim the seam allowance all the way along the length of the sewn seam. The pinking shears prevent the fabric from fraying.


Press that seam allowance open, and you are done!

Zig-Zagged Seams


I like to press my seams open first, then to one side. I can’t remember where I picked that up, but it works for me. I find when sewing the more pressing I do the better the results are.


I also trim my seam allowances some to prevent them from being bulky. I only trim them about 1/4 inch because you need to need to leave enough left to be able to zig-zag them.


Next choose your zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine.


Sew down the length of both seams catching the outside in the stitches. The stitches will form a kind of wrap around the raw edge.


As you can see the threads wrap around the raw edge to prevent them from fraying.

You have now finished your side seams. Next we will work on the facings.

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