Skirt Sew Along Part 5: Waist Facings

The facings in this skirt are easy to put together, but we will take it one step at a time. You will follow the waistband steps as directed below until I let you know we will use different finishing methods.


Your fusible interfacing should look something like mine. While the need to prewash your interfacing is debated, I will share that I do like to wash mine. I wash them as I would my garment and then hang them over the curtain rod to air dry. DO NOT put it in the dryer when pretreating as the fusible interfacing is covered and heat activated glue dots. I don’t know exactly what would happen, but I doubt it would be good. Some people don’t treat theirs at all.


It was hard to catch this shot, but you will cut your interfacing as you would your fabric. I like to cut mine in a way that uses as little space as possible because I buy the fusible interfacing in large amounts when it is on sale. To make a fold, I just fold the interfacing wherever I think it will fit best. Your pattern piece tells you how many pieces you will need of interfacing. You will cut pieces for both the front and back facing pieces.


I like to lay my fabric face down first. Then I examine my interfacing to find the side that has bumpy dots; that is the glue. The glue side of the interfacing needs to be against the wrong side of your fabric. If you put the glue side up, it will stick to the iron. Next, Use the iron on the setting you use for your fabric and press the interfacing into place. Go slow and really let that glue melt. After that your fabric and interfacing should be stuck together like one piece of material.


Next we will sew the pieces together. I use my notches to help me get it right as shown in the blurry picture above. Match the notches on the end of the waist pieces and sew using 5/8 inch seam allowance. Repeat on both sides.


Go press your seam allowances open.


Your waist facings should lay out and form a smile, Or that is how I think about it.


If you are pinking shear finishing your edges, trim along the bottom of your smile (facing piece) as shown above.

If you are zig-zagging your edges, You will zig zag along the bottom of your smile.


Select your zig-zag stitch and catch that bottom edge of your smile.


Your zig-zagging, should look something like mine above. You have finished your facing pieces!

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