Skirt Sew Along Part 7: Hem

All we have to do is hem our skirts and we are all done!

I chose to hem the blue skirt using my sewing machine and use a hem facing to start hand stitching my pink one. You can choose either method.

The hem I most often use is just a simple machine stitch which we will go over first.


First I like to use a long basting stitch to go around the hem of the skirt. I am using a 1/2 inch seam allowance here because I want my final hem to be 1 inch to allow that fun border to show.


Next I like to press the raw edge up so that the stitch I just made is at the bottom as seen in the picture above.


Next I press that piece up again so that the basting stitch is at the top of the hem.


Press it all down nice and flat.


Just shorten your stitch from the basting length and go all the way around the hem. I found this method gives me the best results and the most even hem. You’re done!

Now to sew a blind stitch by hand. I admit I don’t do this often because I just don’t have the patience, but it does make for a nice finish and a pretty inside.


Start by sewing your hem facing all the way around your hem. I used a zig-zag stitch. Sew it to the right side of your fabric.


You will fold the lace up and do a stitch as shown above catching the lace and catching just a few threads of the main fabric. I am using non matching colors of thread to help you see better, but you will want to choose a thread that matches your skirt fabric.


Your stitches will be barely visible from the outside as shown above. That is why matching thread is important.

Now a final result! I have the blue one fully completed and just need to find a matching thread for the pink skirt to hem it.


Ta-da! I think it turned out very cute. Don’t mind my two different colored legs, I had surgery done on one a few weeks ago. I am favoring one which makes the hem look crooked. I did double-check it for accuracy though. I can’t wait to see any versions that were completed out there. Thanks for sewing along!

1 thought on “Skirt Sew Along Part 7: Hem

  1. judy

    Staci, I love how this one turned out. The fabric is adorable..So sorry , I didnt get to get the pattern in time to follow along..but.. I have it and intend on doing with my older grandaughter.Thanks for sharing.


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