The easiest baby blanket ever


This baby blanket was so easy it feels like I cheated! It’s not fancy at all, but here in Texas there is rarely a need for blankets, and especially for a baby born in June. A piece of flannel should be more than enough for a couple months. Out of my three fabrics I had the most of the polka dot flannel left. I used just about one yard to make the blanket.


I took my piece of flannel and laid it out on the floor.


 I folded up one corner of the fabric to make a triangle.


I cut around the edges of the triangle to even out the fabric. This left me with about a one yard square of flannel to make my blanket.


Next I used a three thread overlock stitch on my serger around all four sides of the blanket.The knife helped even out the edges since my cutting was a bit jagged.


I used a dot of Fray Check on the corner where I started and finished serging to help secure the threads. It was that easy! I could have embroidered this one, but I didn’t. I like the polka dot fabric on its own. It is just a single sided piece of flannel with serged edges!


Just look how good that easy-peasy blanket looks with the other gifts we have put together! I love it!

Just keep sewing!


Stacie Thinks She Can

3 thoughts on “The easiest baby blanket ever

  1. Sewinator

    I love the baby set! So adorable. We live in California so light blankets for babies here are all we need too. I think I will go get some flannel!


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