Easy table cloth

I just made a table cloth that was even easier than I though! Ready to have your mind blown?


I think it turned out very summery and matches my pictures that were already hanging well. Would you like to see a before?


I bought this table cloth during Christmas (2009!) and it has been there ever since. It is very pretty, but I wanted to brighten up the place a bit.


Yes, it actually has poinsettias in ribbon work on the corners, and it is velvet. It was time for a change.

My friend Holly and I made a table cloth for her a few weeks ago. She has a round table, so we sewed two pieces of home decor fabric down the middle and created a circle. I thought I would do the same, but just make a square.


I started by taking my current table cloth and folding it in half. I laid my new cloth over it and cut it to the same length. I thought the two were pretty close in size, so I laid the new cloth on top of the table and really liked the size of the width for the table cloth.


I eyeballed it to make the cut edges skim the chairs to match the width. I just cut it from there. I wound up with a pretty even square.


I took my square cloth to my serger and just serged around all the edges. Holly and I did this on her circle table cloth and it looked very cool and was so much easier than hemming a giant circle. I decided to do the same for mine, and it is so easy! I used a three thread overlock stitch. I love my serger!


My serger even cut my selvedges and uneven cuts for me! Yay!


Here is a close up of the final results on my table! You can hardly even see the serged edges.


And here is my after shot again. I just love it!


I have some excess fabric left over…


I think I feel some matching kitchen accessories coming on!

2 thoughts on “Easy table cloth

  1. Matti Prevost-Hart

    Very cool! Something that I found works nicely with my 3-thread serge is feeding a ribbon (the “spool o ribbon” kind works well) onto the edge as I serge. Makes for a cool, pretty finish, IMO.


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