Kitchen Valance Tutorial

After my table cloth success, I decided I would make a little valance for my kitchen window. It changes the feel of the whole kitchen! I love it!


And it looks great from the dining room, where the same fabric makes up my new tablecloth. As you can see I have a narrow little kitchen, so a valance was the best choice for me. I feel like anything bigger would have been too much.


Here is what I did I cut a piece of fabric about 25 inches by width of fabric. I wanted my valance to be about a foot tall. I thumbtacked my fabric up over the window and eyeballed the width.


I added about 2 inches past the width of my window and cut the excess fabric off. Take it down and get it back into the sewing area!


I pressed both the sides of my valance in a half inch and pressed. I then sewed that half inch in along both edges.


In this picture I have sewed down both sides. On the right side I just pressed in my selvedge and sewed it down. Then I took the piece of fabric and folded it right sides together.


I sewed a seam all the way across the top. I reversed it at the beginning and end of the stitch.


You should have a fabric tube with no raw edged. Go ahead and turn it right side out.


I pressed that seam open, then I pressed it so that it was even across the top.


I used a cheap tension rod from Target that required a one inch opening. I followed along my guide to make a one inch seam below the top of the valance.


Your valance should look like this all the way across the top.


I slipped my tension rod in the top and hung it up! All steps included this probably took about 20 minutes to make. I can’t believe I did not do this sooner!

Note 2 our Readers:  Find even more adventures from Stacie at her personal Sewing Blog

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