Easy Custom Tea Towel

I love having a towel hanging over my stove handle for spills or a quick hand dry. I made a quick and easy one to go with my home makeover using some scraps left over from the bolster pillow.


So cute! The towel took me about 20 minutes to make, and if I had an assembly line going I bet I could do it even faster.


I bought a 4 pack of ‘barmop’ towels from Target for a little over $4. I found them on the aisle with the kitchen linens. As a side note I love how they come wrapped up. It would be fun to make a set of these for a house warming gift or newlyweds and rewrap them in the original ribbon to give as a present. You could even embroider them!


I cut a 5 inch wide strip of fabric that hungover both sides of the towel by half an inch.


At this point you could press in a half in an inch around all the sides and just stitch around the edges, but my fabric wouldn’t press well. So what I did was pin the edges of the towel and the fabric right sides together.


I used about three pins and overlapped about a half an inch as you can see through the chevron fabric. I stitched right along the edge of the towel being sure to catch it under my needle.


Flip it up and make sure you caught it all.


Next I turned under my fabric a half an inch on the remaining three raw edges, finger pressed and pinned in place. I used extra pins at the corners to be sure they would turn out neat.


Here are my edges all pinned into place. Next I edge stitched around all four sides of the fabric.


Be sure to pivot at the corners for a sharp looking corner. Also, when you are going across the top of the fabric take your time and straighten out your towel as you go.


Your fabric should be edge stitched around all four sides. This would also be a fun place to try some decorative top stitching. And you’re done!


Here is a shot of the kitchen with the tea towel hanging over my stove handle. It is a great accessory that matches my valance.

You can see more of me (and my four legged assistant) at Stacie Thinks She Can.

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