Adding pockets to pajama pants

A lot of blogs I read participated in the Pyjama Party online yesterday. I showed up a day late and made an old standby – McCalls 5248 pajama pants out of seer sucker. I wear my flannel pants all the time, but it is getting hot, and flannel is no longer practical. One thing I always wish my pants had was pockets, so this time around I added some.


Sorry for the grainy photo. I just couldn’t bother anyone to take pictures of me in pajamas today.


I started with the pattern for the pocket from a dress I really like. I cut the pockets out of quilting cotton because seer sucker pockets would get bulky. Cut 4 – two for each side.


Next I laid my fabric pieces out right next to each other and lined up the tops straight across.


I measured down four inches from the top and made a mark on my pattern on the outsides of both legs.


I lined up the top marking of the pocket with my 4″ line and also marked the bottom mark of the pocket on my pattern.


Next I marked both marks on all four pieces of fabric. This pattern has you sew the inside leg seam firt, so I did that. But I added a couple steps before I sewed the outside seam.


My pattern called for a 5/8″ seam allowance, so I sewed the pockets right sides together with the fabric using the same on both front and back pieces.


I zigzagged along the edge of the raw edges of the pockets and fabric. I pressed both the pocket and seam allowance toward the outside.


You should now have two pieces that look like this. Next my pattern directs mt to sew outside leg seams together.


I like to pin the seam allowances together as well as a pin in the center of the pocket to keep everything in place.

ImageNow sew down the leg seam from top to bottom with right sides together going around the perimeter of the pocket instead of going straight down the leg.


I serged around the edges to finish the seam, but as you can see the pocket is not perfect. It is trying to serge curves like that. I’m OK with it.


I like to stick my hand in the pocket at this point for a finger check. That means do my fingers find any holes that I may have left in the pocket. All clear! Now continue sewing as directed!

I will be giving a new McCalls 5248 pattern away on my blog, so be sure to visit there.

5 thoughts on “Adding pockets to pajama pants

  1. Maggie

    Thank you! I misplaced my favorite pajama pant instructions and I couldn’t remember how to sew the pockets in the seam. Your post jarred my memory! Thanks again!


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