E-Reader Cover Tutorial

I finally did it. After reading using the Kindle app on my iPhone for over a year, and my Droid before that, I broke down and bought a Kindle. Amazon was offering a great deal on refurbished Kindle Fires. So, not only did I buy a Kindle, I bought THE Kindle. Of course it needed a case!


Here is my case containing the Kindle Fire.


I started by measuring my Kindle and it was just under 5 inches wide and 7.5 inches long.


I added an inch to the sides (but in the future I would add 2 inches) to make both the lining and outer fabric 6 inches wide (make it 7 for a less tight fit) and 20 inches long (7.5 +7.5 for the length + 5 for the flap). I also used home decor fabric for the outside and 100% cotton flannel for the lining to prevent scratching.


I used a quarter inch seam allowance and sewed the lining and outer fabric right sides together leaving one of the short ends open.


I clipped the two corners that had been sewn and turned the fabric right side out.


Press the lining and outer fabric, turning the fabric in, and edge stitch.


Next, with my lining fabric facing out I placed my Kindle inside and decided how high I wanted my pouch to reach. I know I will probably throw my Kindle in my purse a lot, so I don’t want it to get scratched. I chose to have my edge go all the way to the top of my Kindle. I placed my edge stitched end at the top of my Kindle.


I edge stitched up both sides to the top of the pouch and reversed a couple of stitches at both ends. Turn it right sides out and try the fit!


Here is my Kindle inside the pouch. You could also use a button or Velcro closure if you would prefer. I just left mind loose.


Here is the back. It is a quick and cheap Kindle cover made out of a few scraps.

Thanks for reading, and see more of my work at my blog.

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