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Baby diaper cover

I admit the diaper cover came out cute. I found a free pattern here, which was very easy to follow. However, this was my least favorite baby project.


It was the elastic that turned me off on these. The pattern was well done, and construction was easy enough. I am just not an elastic person. It doesn’t look like a clean finish to me.  I know you’re thinking, well a zipper just won’t work here. I agree, so I tried it. They did turn out very cute, but I am only making this one pair.


The pattern was two pieces and used very little fabric. I love that. Also, the pattern came in four sizes ranging from 0 – 24 months. I made the 0-3 month size.


Here they are just sewn together before the elastic went in. All raw edges were serged, but there is an option to finish them with bias tape on the tutorial that goes with the pattern.


Here is the admittedly cute rear end with the elastic inserted. I recommend this project, but with the elastic insertion it just was not for me!

The easiest baby blanket ever


This baby blanket was so easy it feels like I cheated! It’s not fancy at all, but here in Texas there is rarely a need for blankets, and especially for a baby born in June. A piece of flannel should be more than enough for a couple months. Out of my three fabrics I had the most of the polka dot flannel left. I used just about one yard to make the blanket.


I took my piece of flannel and laid it out on the floor.


 I folded up one corner of the fabric to make a triangle.


I cut around the edges of the triangle to even out the fabric. This left me with about a one yard square of flannel to make my blanket.


Next I used a three thread overlock stitch on my serger around all four sides of the blanket.The knife helped even out the edges since my cutting was a bit jagged.


I used a dot of Fray Check on the corner where I started and finished serging to help secure the threads. It was that easy! I could have embroidered this one, but I didn’t. I like the polka dot fabric on its own. It is just a single sided piece of flannel with serged edges!


Just look how good that easy-peasy blanket looks with the other gifts we have put together! I love it!

Just keep sewing!


Stacie Thinks She Can

Baby Burp Cloths

I was at a friend’s house recently and she had some really cute burp clothes someone had given her. Her cloths were a cloth diaper on one side and a piece of fabric on the other. In the past I have just used pieces of fabric on the end or as accents when making a burp cloth. I thought hers looked great and would be even easier to make! Here is what I did:


I placed a cloth diaper right sides together with a piece of my flannel. I did embroider my fabric first on this one, so I made sure that was centered. I made my pink fabric larger all around because the diaper is such a loose weave it is hard to keep it straight. The extra room gave me room to maneuver a bit.


Top stitch around the edge of the diaper, trying your best to keep the diaper from shifting much.


Leave an opening along one side a few inches wide to pull the burp cloth right side out.


Trim your excess from around the edge leaving a good half an inch outside the opening you left. Pull your burp cloth right side out.


Press your cloth. If you embroidered yours be mindful not to press your threads. Press the extra fabric you left for your opening into the diaper and make sure it is even with the sides of your cloth.


Top stitch around the edges of the diaper. The middle can be thick, so I slowed down on the ends when sewing through there. I chose to stitch in the ditch along the lines on either side of the middle portion of the diaper. My friend had hers stitched across the diaper so it folded in thirds. I think as long as you stitch it to keep it from shifting it is fine.


I made three cloths, one out of each of my three coordinating fabrics. I only embroidered the solid pink one.


 Here is how the baby gifts look all together. So cute!

Note 2 our Readers:  Find even more adventures from Stacie at her personal Sewing Blog

Baby Bibs


In continuing my baby gift mission, I decided to make a couple of boutique style bibs. One of the great things about baby gifts is there are so many free tutorials out there! I followed this tutorial from Craft Gossip. Again, I wanted to embroider the bibs as well, so I varied just a bit from the instructions.


The first one I did I placed just the bottom of the front (the pink part) in the embroider machine. While that was going I put together both pieces of the front of the other and embroidered them after they were connected.


The important thing is to embroider the bib front before you attach it to the bib back. Once the bib front is complete, just sew following the instructions provided on the tutorial.


I lined the backs of the bibs in coordinating fabrics.


I decided against Velcro as my closure. I plan on adding snaps. I don’t like how Velcro snags things in the washer, and all I had was this weird flesh color anyway. Where did that even come from?


We’ve got some great goodies going in the gift basket! I still have a couple more up my sleeve, so stay tuned!

Baby Gifts: Changing Pad and Diaper Wipe Pouch

One of my very favorite projects is baby related gifts. When you make a gift for a baby shower or new child, I feel like it is really appreciated and means a lot to the parents. I just found out I have a new baby celebration coming up in June, and I thought it would be fun to share my projects with you.


One of the best parts about baby gifts is you can pick fun materials that you would not typically wear. I picked these three flannels for a baby girl. I got the fabric on sale for $2.49 per yard plus my 15% teacher discount. I bought two yards each of the polka dots and solid and one yard of the zebra print.


I made The Sushi-Roll Changing Pad and Diaper & Wipes Pouch. I love Sew, Mama, Sew for great tutorials and ideas. This project can be made from fat quarters as well. Needless to say, it does not take much to create these projects. I used just under a half yard each of the polka dot and pink fabrics and a scrap of the zebra.


I began with the wipe pouch. When I make things for babies I love to use my embroidery machine to personalize the gifts. I can’t get enough of new parents seeing their child’s name on their presents. I used the Curlz Three Applique Alphabet to add the first initial of their little girl. I used the Lacy Edge P from the applique file. It turned out very cute and the detail is fantastic.


To add the ‘P’ I embroidered it onto the bottom center of the outside fabric I chose for the pouch. After the ‘P’ was on, I followed the directions from the tutorial as written.


I lined the pouch with the polka dot material. It turned out very nicely and went together quickly.


I made the changing pad to match. I did not embroider on the changing pad because I could not decide where to place the embroidery. I did choose to use twill ribbon instead of the elastic. I had twill on hand. I was also able to use a scrap of batting for the changing pad. I love being able to use up scraps.


I had to show the set again. I just think they are so cute together, and the cost for these was just over a dollar each for fabric.


I also managed to use all three machines today! I used the sewing machine for the most part. I used my serger to finish the inside of the changing pad to reinforce it before turning it right side out. Finally, I used my embroidery machine to make the ‘P’. I always feel so accomplished when I get to run them all in one day. Stay tuned for more baby gifts!

Onesie Conversion!

Look at what I made!

Today I refashioned a ready-to-wear onesie that I had purchased at Walmart for about $2.  I used my handy dandy embroidery machine and added an applique to the front of it.  I also bursted a few brain cells and created my own pattern so I could add a mock-wrap skirt to it.  The picture above is the fruit of my experimentation.  I’m looking forward to seeing this on my niece!

Here’s a close-up of the applique that I found for FREE online.  I’m sharing a link to the website where you can download this and other free designs as well as purchase tons of very cute ABC’s etc.

Note:   To be sure you like the results, you may want to stitch out a test one on scrap fabric first.

New Video Tutorial Coming Soon:  My hubby filmed me going through the steps of stabilizing, hooping, and stitching out this applique on a onesie.  I’ll be able to share the video as soon as he’s done editing etc.  Yay!

After I embroidered my onesie, I fused a stabilizer called Fuse So Soft to the back of the embroidery design.  It’s like a tricot fabric, but it’s fusible and this keeps the rough threads from scratching or irritating a baby’s delicate skin.  You can get it at Humble Sewing Center or order something similar online.

After the embroidery was all done, I used my self-drafted miniature skirt pattern and went to town putting this cute little frock together.  My skirt pattern is basically a trapezoid shape with a rounded bottom edge.

See?  My onesie has a mock-wrap skirt.  The overlapping flap is sewn in place near my contrasting chocolate band and there are no waist ties.

I assembled and hemmed the skirt before attaching it to the onesie.

I marked center front and center back and placed some alignment dots across the onesie’s front and back so I’d be able to pin the skirt in place and sew without too much fuss.

Can you see the placement dots?

To sew the skirt to the onesie, I turned the skirt inside out and inserted the onesie into the skirt so that center fronts, center backs, and side seams were aligned and fabrics were right sides together.  Then I pinned it to death and sewed all the way around.

       My friend’s Beautiful Daughter, Marian! I get to be Auntie Jenny! Yay!!!!

I know I didn’t share a complete step by step tutorial for this project this time, but I am sharing a link to a pattern by Vanilla House that is very similar to what I have done here.  See?  Just click the images to go to the Vanilla House website and order your pattern!


P163 One-zee conversions162frontcoveronly

That’s all for now!

Let’s get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny

Ruffled & Embroidered Burp Cloth Tutorial

Ruffled & Embroidered Burp Cloth

I’m hoping I will get to see my beautiful sister and her new baby girl over the Christmas holidays.  If so, I’ll have this sweet little burp cloth ready just for her.

Here is a tutorial for making the Ruffled & Embroidered Burp Cloth:

For anyone who is new to machine embroidery, let me take a moment to say that any embroidery machine with a hoop size of 4×4 or larger can do this project.  You will need:  your sewing machine, your embroidery machine, some fabric, self -adhesive tear-away stabilizer, embroidery thread, regular sewing thread, a burp cloth, and an embroidery design that you want to put on the burp cloth.  I chose to do an applique, so you’ll get to see how that works if you read this tutorial.

By the way, feel free to post any questions you have about projects of all kinds.  I’ll do my best to answer you in short order!

#1 Making Ruffles: Cut 2 strips of fabric, 20"x5". Fold one of them with right sides together lengthwise and stitch a 1/2" seam along the short ends. Clip the corners. Repeat for the other strip.

#2 Turn the long strips of fabric right side out and press.

#3 Set your machine for a 4mm stitch length to baste 2 parallel lines next to the long raw edge of your fabric strip. Leave long thread tails at both ends of the strip.

#4 Anchor one end of the thread tails by winding them around a pin in a figure 8.

#5 Pick up the 2 thread tails on the front of your fabric strip and pull the threads to gather. Ease in the fullness of the ruffle to match the width of your burp cloth.

#6 Pin ruffle to bottom edge of burp cloth, adjusting gathers as needed.

#7 Stitch a 1/2" seam along the raw edge of the ruffle. Remove pins as you go. Then, zig zag the raw edge to prevent unraveling.

#8 Press your ruffle away from the burp cloth. Repeat steps 3-8 for the other strip of fabric at the other end of your burp cloth.

Next, comes the embroidery!  I chose to create a monogrammed applique for this project.  I got to use my new Monogram Works software for this and it was very easy to do!  You can get this software online or locally at Humble Sewing Center.  (Locally tends to cost a little less since most shops will meet or beat online pricing.)

First, find and mark center front of the burp cloth.

Decide where you want the design. I used a placement template from The Perfect Placement Kit. It's an easy way to get things just where you want them.

Once you know where you want the design to end up, you can use the grid template that came with your machine to help you with centering your project in the hoop.

I hooped a piece of self-adhesive, tear-away stabilizer and laid the burp cloth on top of it, placing as needed. Then, I stitched the outline of the circle applique with my embroidery machine.

Next, I laid a piece of fabric on top of the circle outline that I had just stitched and my embroidery machine stitched the circle again. This step tacks down my applique fabric.

Then I used my applique scissors to trim away the excess fabric around the circle. I was careful not to cut the burp cloth.

Lastly, I snapped the hoop back onto my Janome 350E and finished the satin stitch around the circle and stitched the monogram onto the fabric.

I hope my sister likes it!

The baby's name is Mikaelah. This is a font that comes with Monogram Works. LOVE IT!!!

Well, that’s all for now.  Except that since you hung in there and read the whole post, I’ll show you a picture of the 2nd thing I made with my new software…..

A monogrammed towel for my mommy! This font also comes with Monogram Works.... I hope she likes this!

Thanks for reading!

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Let’s get sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego: StitchinJenny

How to Embroidery a Baby Onesie

How to embroidery a baby onesie.

Embroidered Onesie
Embroidered Onesie

For a onesie:

  1. Fuse No Show Fusible to the back of the onesie
  2. Cut a piece of Adhesive Sew and Wash stabilizer about 1″ larger than the hoop.
  3. Peel off the paper, then wrap Adhesive Sew and Wash stabilizer around the hoop the hoop.
  4. Turn the onesie inside out.
  5. Place the onesie on top of the stabilizer.
  6. Using straight pins or small binder clips hold the fabric e the neck area away from the embroidery. Be careful to keep your fingers away from the needle.
  7. After the embroidery is finished. Soak the onesie in warm water to remove the Adhesive Sew and Wash stabilizer.
  8. Peel the No Show Fusible up and trim around the embroidery.
  9. Fuse a piece of Fuse So Soft on top of the embroidery so that no stitches touch the baby’s skin.