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How to Embroidery a Baby Onesie

How to embroidery a baby onesie.

Embroidered Onesie
Embroidered Onesie

For a onesie:

  1. Fuse No Show Fusible to the back of the onesie
  2. Cut a piece of Adhesive Sew and Wash stabilizer about 1″ larger than the hoop.
  3. Peel off the paper, then wrap Adhesive Sew and Wash stabilizer around the hoop the hoop.
  4. Turn the onesie inside out.
  5. Place the onesie on top of the stabilizer.
  6. Using straight pins or small binder clips hold the fabricĀ e the neck area away from the embroidery. Be careful to keep your fingers away from the needle.
  7. After the embroidery is finished. Soak theĀ onesie in warm water to remove the Adhesive Sew and Wash stabilizer.
  8. Peel the No Show Fusible up and trim around the embroidery.
  9. Fuse a piece of Fuse So Soft on top of the embroidery so that no stitches touch the baby’s skin.