Freedom Place Fundraising Art Quilt

Just so you know, I do not consider myself an accomplished “Quilter”.

For that reason, I’m really loving the Modern Quilt movement.  I love this movement because it seems that “bending the rules” is allowed and even encouraged in order to push the envelope and to develop unique art.

So, several months ago, I was invited to help the residents of a children’s safe house design and sew a quilt for their upcoming fundraiser.

Gotta tell you, these kids have been through significant abuse, even being trafficked, so it was going to be a very special quilt.

I decided to ask each girl to draw me a picture of something she either: loves, likes about herself, or wants to do when she is grown up.

Then, I converted their drawings into quilt blocks.  The girls each personally sewed a number of the blocks that compose the frame of the quilt and I assembled it all for them.

Wanna see?



One young lady drew me a picture of her eye and she let me know she also loves flowers.  I used applique and embroidery to add the eye as an accent in her pupil.  She happily approved.



What can I say, this sweet girl is all about fashion!



Having gone through many difficulties, this young lady plans to attend law school and make a difference in the legal system.  I used cut-work and reverse applique to create this block.



The young lady who designed this block has recently become a Christian and wants to put God first.



I’ve seen the girl who designed this block play a competitive game of basketball with staff and some of the other residents.  She’s a very gifted and talented athlete.  Her school of choice is Baylor and she hopes to play for them some day.

fpquilt5fpquilt3fpquilt7 The safe house’s main symbol is a Butterfly to represent new life and new beginnings.  Their Motto is:

Live Safe, Live Well, Live Free

And here is the completed quilt that was purchased at the fundraiser but, I’m not sure how much money it raised…. when I asked, I was told it was a very generous sum and the funds were really going to help out at the safe house.



Thanks for reading!

Jenny Gabriel alter ego:  StitchinJenny


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