Monthly Embroidery Club!

I LOVE my JOB!!!

I work at Humble Sewing Center where I get to spend every day with a great team of co-workers while being surrounded by a store full of amazing machines.

Once a month I get to teach Machine Embroidery Club to a growing number of wonderful embroidery students/enthusiasts.  It is very rewarding to see their smiles of satisfaction with their completed projects.

Well, this month we made In-the- hoop Coasters.  I created the design using a combination of software from Designers Gallery.  Anyway, I didn’t take a photo of their happy smiles this time, but I did get  some pictures of their Coasters..

Of course some of the ladies enjoy tweaking their projects a bit and you’ll notice that a few of them substituted a monogram in their coaster.

photo 9.zphoto 9.wphoto 9.yphoto 9.xphoto 9.vphoto 9.u

Didn’t they do a great job?  Wouldn’t these make nice hostess gifts?  Hmmmm?

If you think you’d like to try some new things with your embroidery machine, you should really come to this class next time around.  Take a look at our calendar for details about what’s coming.

Hope to see you soon!

Jenny Gabriel alter ego:  StitchinJenny

Seams Unlikely


Hello everyone!  Thank you so much for stopping by!

jenny profile pic 2I’m Jenny Gabriel alter ego:  StitchinJenny and I’ve mostly been a sewing educator for the past several years.  I’m now a full-time member of the sales team at Humble Sewing Center/SewVac Outlet and I get to be their blogger when I’m not teaching or on the sales floor.

Today is such a special day because, I get to participate in Nancy Zieman’s Book Launch Blog Tour!  I’ll be sharing a little bit about her autobiography and how she is a true inspiration to me.  I think it’s wonderful that Nancy is a long distance mentor to so many of us!

Here’s the cover of her new book!


At the end of this post you will find links & details to allow you participate in Nancy’s book giveaway (YES!  You could win a free copy of her book!)  and also see what other bloggers are posting along this tour.

A Moment to say, “Thanks!”

I’d like to have all of you pretend for a moment that you are reading over Nancy’s shoulder as she reads the following note….

Thank you Nancy for writing this transparent book about your life, struggles with low self esteem, and victories of reaping the rewards of your hard work and perseverance.

It delights my heart that your greatest joy is “helping others to gain the confidence to achieve in the face of challenge.”  I believe your book is fulfilling that goal in exponential ways!

I love the statement/motto that you shared early in your book:

“Each of us faces challenges in life.  Some are bigger than others.  But what happens to us, does not define who we are, unless we let it.”

This quote perfectly captures the true spirit of being an over comer.

It holds a special significance for me because of how it applies to myself and some very special people in my life.  You see, I started a non-profit organization to facilitate teaching sewing to underage survivors of human trafficking. I get to work with them face to face and sometimes I even catch a glimpse of their self-confidence growing right before my eyes.

I thank you because, many aspects of your story are an encouragement to me to persevere in my efforts with these girls.  In your book, you mentioned that sewing became an outlet for you to build your confidence and affirm your worth.  I’m hoping to repeat that success story with these young ladies.

Thank you for your openness as you shared your insights into the painful topic of overcoming low self-esteem and how certain people really helped you with this.

I especially loved reading about your mom and your former English teacher:


“…my mother is a giver.  But she doesn’t give, and walk away.  No, she’s the kind of person who […….] walks alongside until you’re strong enough to make it on your own.”

English Teacher-

“Sometimes people fail to recognize how far a little encouragement can go.  Mrs. Fawcett believed in me, and because she believed in me, I could believe in myself as well.”

What great ladies!  They are such good examples of the kind of parent and role model that I want to be.  Thanks for sharing about the difference they made in your life.

In closing, I just want to tell you that I think you are amazing in so many wonderful ways! Thank you for being you and for your excellence at doing what you do!

Kind Regards,

Jenny Gabriel alter ego: StitchinJenny

Video Preview

If you haven’t see this short video about Nancy’s book, watch it here:

Book Give Away!

Want to win a free copy of Nancy’s book?

Readers must comment on Nancy’s February 4th Seams Unlikely Blog Tour Posting to qualify for book giveaways.

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Preview Projects for the Jenny Haskins Tour!

It’s time to sign up for the

Jenny Haskins Touch of Magic Tour


Exciting Two Day Event

Date: March 21 & 22, 2014

(Friday & Saturday)

Time:  9-5 PM

Fee $99

Location:   Humble Sewing Center

Check out what you will be making!


Magin in Bloom 3-D Flower

Magic in Bloom
3-D Flower

Tissue Roll Holder

Tissue Roll Holder





Reverse Applique Quilting in the Hoop

Reverse Applique Quilting in the Hoop


Monogram Gift Bag

Monogram Gift Bag


Double Quilting in the Hoop

Double Quilting in the Hoop


iPad Cover

iPad Cover


See you soon!!!











Girls Sew Club at Humble Sewing Center

It’s the beginning of a new year with the Girl’s Sew Club!

Hi!  This is Jenny!  I’ve been teaching a monthly girl’s sew club at Hobby Lobby in Humble and our group has outgrown the space there.  Now, we will be meeting once a month at Humble Sewing Center….YAY!

Click here to see our CALENDAR and class details.

We have a wonderful group of young ladies and their new sewing skills are really beginning to blow me away!

Here are a few pictures of one of our recent classes:

photo 10photo 8photo 7photo 5

What we do:

We focus on learning and mastering beginner sewing skills as we make  a project during our FREE monthly class.  The girls are responsible to bring their own machines and supplies.  Mom’s and mentors are welcome (actually preferred) to stay and enjoy the class with their girl/girls.

This is a great place to learn an important and practical life skill as well as make new friends!

The class is FREE because it is sponsored by my non-profit group called Girls Restoration Project.

Girls Restoration Project is dedicated to helping American-born, under-age girls that have been rescued from the nightmare and slavery of sex trafficking. Donations to this group are being used to provide brand new sewing machines, fabrics, and supplies for girls who are going through a sewing program while living at a safe-house. Most of the safe-house girls are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and sewing classes are proving to be a beneficial part of their healing process.

On a lighter note….

Two of my Hobby Lobby / Humble Sewing Center students have launched their own sewing business and they are selling their projects on Face Book!

Look for them by clicking here:  ElizabethRose Creations

Here are some pictures of their latest creations:

image_4 image_3 image_2 image_1 image girlssewclub

Keep up the good work Ladies!!!

Thanks for stopping by and reading what we are up to!

Have fun!

Jenny Gabriel alter ego:  StitchinJenny

Heart Towel Applique

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by!

This post includes a tutorial with tips on doing applique and embroidery on a tricky item such as a towel.

Recommended Supplies anytime you are embroidering on a towel:

  • Water Soluble stabilizer – to be used as a topper
  • Self-adhesive wash-away stabilizer – to make it easier to hoop your towel

For those of you who like to jump to the punch line, here’s some photos of the finished towels that were completed during our MONTHLY machine embroidery club at Humble Sewing Center.


It’s been a while since I’ve written up a tutorial so, I’m feeling kind of rusty here!  Below you will see a step by step list of “How To’s” and I’ll include a photo whenever possible.

  1. Find and mark the center of your towel.  I use a straight pin to mark my spot.


2.  Lay the towel open and (if possible) use a template to help you decide where to place your design.  I used a software called Monogram Works to print a template with a cross hair in the design’s center.  I cut a hole out of the center of the template so I could mark the towel with a fabric marking pen.


3.  Peel the paper backing off of the self-adhesive water soluble stabilizer.  Lay the stabilizer on the table with the sticky side face up.  Lay the inner hoop on top of the stabilizer and then adjust the stabilizer so that it is taught on the hoop.  Yes, the stabilizer is sticking to your hoop and will leave a gummy residue.  You can rinse it in warm, soapy water afterwards if preferred.  In the meantime, you have hooped only the stabilizer and provided yourself a sticky surface…


4.  Next, lay the towel upon the hoop and apply gentle pressure to make it stick to the hooped stabilizer.  I like to use the plastic template grid that came with my embroidery machine to help me line things up in the hoop.  Believe it or not, there’s a hoop hiding under that towel!


5.  Remove the plastic grid.  Remove the paper template and any straight pins from your towel.  Use the toggle feature on your embroidery machine to make sure the needle is lined up with the center of your embroidery design (the cross hairs you marked your towel with.)

6.  At this time I will show you the next steps of this particular design in a brief series of noted photos.  Tip:  Be sure to lay a piece of water soluble topper on TOP of the towel before you begin embroidering a design onto a towel.  The topper keeps the embroidery threads from sinking into the towel and disappearing as well as preventing the towel loops from getting entangled in your needle and embroidery foot.  The topper is then torn away and also rinsed away as needed.

The tack-down stitch for this heart shaped applique has been stitched and the word Love & decorative swirl has also been stitched before trimming away the excess fabric.

The tack-down stitch for this heart shaped applique has been stitched and the word Love & decorative swirl has also been stitched before trimming away the excess fabric.

We removed the embroidery hoop from the machine but we did not remove the towel from the hoop.  We then used duck-billed applique scissors to trim away the excess fabric.

We removed the embroidery hoop from the machine but we did not remove the towel from the hoop. We then used duck-billed applique scissors to trim away the excess fabric.

Next, we returned the hoop to the machine and placed a layer of water soluble topper on top of the towel.  We resumed stitching out the design.

Next, we returned the hoop to the machine and placed a layer of water soluble topper on top of the towel. We resumed stitching out the design.

Here's a picture of a finished design with the topper still in place.

Here’s a picture of a finished design with the topper still in place.

Here's Cheryl, tearing away the topper.... what a great job!

Here’s Cheryl, tearing away the topper…. what a great job!

When the design is completely done stitching, remove the hoop from the machine and peel the towel away from the stabilizer.  Cut the excess stabilizer away from the towel.  This will rinse away the first time you wash the towel.

When the design is completely done stitching, remove the hoop from the machine and peel the towel away from the stabilizer. Turn the hoop over and cut the excess stabilizer away from the towel. This will rinse away the first time you wash the towel.

Lastly, pin and stitch a decorative trim or ribbon to the bottom of your towel.

Lastly, pin and stitch a decorative trim or ribbon to the bottom of your towel.

Yvonne used a pre-ruffled ribbon and chose a contrast thread and triple zig-zag stitch to attach hers.  Cute right?!

Yvonne used a pre-ruffled ribbon and chose a contrast thread and triple zig-zag stitch to attach hers. Cute right?!

Thanks so much for reading my post!

Have a great time on your next project and hope to see you soon!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny  🙂

Meet Jenny Doan at Humble Sewing Center!!!!

Jenny Doan

WHO is Jenny Doan???

She’s a Sewing Sensation on YouTube, a new Sewlebrity Spokesperson for BabyLock and she’s COMING HERE SOON!!!

We are excited to have her with us for an exclusive Sewing/Quilting Lecture and autograph session.  Each attendee will receive an issue of Fons&Porter’s Quilting Quickly Magazine featuring 19 Easy Projects by Jenny Doan.

Jenny Doan is Coming to Humble Sewing Center!!!!

Jenny Doan


Jenny Doan, of the Missouri Star Quilt Company, started posting instructional quilting videos on YouTube.

She is now one of the most watched Sewlebrities on YouTube and she’s coming to spend the day with us!!!

Don’t miss her lecture at our store!

DATE:  Friday, October 25, 2013

FEE:  $20 (includes Free Gift)


Register Early, Limited Seating!!!

Call 281-446-1818 or online

Babylock Ellisimo Upgrade IV Review *****

I stopped by Humble Sewing Center today to pick up Upgrade IV for my Babylock Ellismio Gold. I could not wait to get home to install the upgrade. The box contains the W2 embroidery foot, multi-function foot control, the W2 embroidery foot, a couple of BLSOGUpgradeIVscrews, a bottom plate used to attach the large and small foot pedals, installation instruction manual, and Ellisimo Upgrade IV CD.

New Features include:

  • LED Pointer shows you the exact needle drop position.
  • Multi Function Foot Control that allows you to customize how the foot control functions.
  • Two large 6″ Embroidery fonts.
  • 15 Buttonholes in three sizes with decorative frames.

Led Pointer for Needle Drop Position

When using the included Embroidery foot (W2), you can see the exact spot where the BLSOG2_needlebeamneedle with penetrate the fabric just by touching the icon on the screen.  When doing embroidery you can see exactly where the needle is going to drop so that you embroidery line up is perfect every time. This particularly helpful to me when I use embroidery quilting designs to quilt my quilts.

Customize your Multi-Function Foot Control

With the multi-function foot control, you can customize the functions of the foot control. You can program the pedals to start/stop sewing, thread cutting, setting needle position up or down, single stitching and reverse stitching. And, you can decide if  you want to BLSOG2_footcontrolposition the small pedal to the left or right of the large pedal.

I positioned the small pedal to the left of the larger one. The large pedal has both a toe function which is starting/stopping sewing and a heel function which I set to raise or lower my needle. I shift my foot to the left and press the small pedal to cut the thread.  I  got into the habit of sewing with my left years ago. I find it easier to manage my sewing speed with my left foot. Now all I just move my foot to the right or left instead of using my fingers to cut the thread and raise/lower needle, allowing me to keep my hands on my fabric.

Large 6″ Embroidery Fonts 

BLSOG2_alphabetsHow many times have you wished that you would you have a larger embroidery font for those extra large bath towels or a throw pillow. Now you have them. Two new large embroidery fonts are included with the Ellisimo Upgrade IV.  I am going to buy some ultra suede fabric and start making some Christmas gifts shortly.

Large Buttonholes

Buttons make nice accents on home dec items and clothing. Large buttons are particular neat looking, but making a buttonhole for those large buttons manually is not my thing. I can never get the sides of the buttonholes to match up perfectly. Now you can make perfect buttonholes with embellishments for them. Another idea is to add a row of buttonholes when making a shower curtain. Before finishing the side hem, feed ribbon or lace through the button holes securing the ends in the finished sides.


The first step in the installation is to read the instruction manual. If you follow the manual step by step the process goes very smoothly. You do need an internet connection to do the upgrade.  When do the upgrade, don’t skip the step that downloads the Upgrade IV user manual.  I printed the manual so that I could reference it as needed. I added the manual to my Ellisimo Inspiration Guide.

Embroidery W2 Foot

Finally, it is time to use the new features. I did an embroidery with the W2 Embroidery Foot. There is a new button on the embroidery screen that shows a laser light in the needle drop position. Mark your embroidery project or place a positioning sticker on your project and press the button. A laser light shows you exactly where you needle will drop so that you can easily position the design for proper placement.

Multi Function Foot Control

I assembled the multi-function foot control with the small pedal on the left. After attaching the new foot control to the machine with two connections, open the settings to page 2. Select the desired function for the large pedal heel and the small pedal.  After closing the settings, I was ready to sew with my new foot control. Wow, what a nice feature. Now I can sew, raise and lower the needle and cut the thread, all hands free.

New Fonts and Buttonholes

I did not have the time to stitch out a some large monograms on ultra suede to make some new throw pillows and to try out the new buttonhole designs.  That will have to wait for another day.


I am extremely pleased with the new Ellisimo Upgrade IV. The functionality of the multi-control foot pedal is great. I like the hands free operation. And, the laser light for needle drop down position makes it so easy to properly position embroidery designs where you are doing the first design or adding another design to an existing project.  The new fonts are ready and waiting for my next embroidery project.

Ellisimo Special Event

Hi everyone,  on Monday and Tuesday, May 6 & 7 we are hosting an Ellisimo Event at Humble Sewing Center. I apologize for the late announcement, but it is something that we just decided to offer, especially since we have so many new Ellisimo owners. We needed to offer the event before Mother’s Day because so many of us have busy lives between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It is the time of year for graduations, weddings, family reunions, end of school year activities, etc.

If you have an Ellisimo you are invited to attend this special event. Please call the store on Monday morning at 281-446-1818 to let us know you will be attending. We would like to have enough workspace setup for each of you.

Do you have an Ellisimo? If so, you don’s miss this event. All Ellisimo owners are invited to attend. You must bring your own machine.  This is your opportunity to learn even more about your machine.

Don’t own an Ellisimo. No problem, we have a limited number of seats available for those interested in an Ellisimo.  Call to store to register. The project is not exactly like the one pictured below, but it will be similar.

BLSOG 3 med.jpg

What you will learn…

  • Learn how to use the on screen designer. (Ellisimo Gold have On Screen Designer, Ellisimo owners the optional Upgrade II.
  • Learn how to resize embroidery designs on your machine.
  • Learn how to use the color visualizer to change color selections automatically to different color palettes.
  • Using Embroidery Edit, design the front of a throw pillow.
  • Learn how to construct the front of your pillow using decorative stitches to enhance the seams.
  • Learn how to precisely position your embroidery.
  • Learn how to scan the fabric to position other embroidery designs.
  • Learn how to embellish your project with bobbin work.
  • Learn how embroidery software can make the embroidery design part of the project faster and easier.

Supply List

  • 1  – 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″ fabric
  • 1  – 6 1/2″ x 10 1/2″  fabric
  • 3 –  6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ fabric
  • Variety of Embroidery thread to coordinate with fabric
  • Sewing Thread to coordinate with fabric
  • Ellisimo
  • Embroidery Unit
  • 8×8″ hoop
  • 8×12″ hoop
  • Scissors, sewing machine needles, bobbins, pins, ruler, marking pen, rotary cutter.
  • Tearaway Stabilizer
  • Positioning stickers.
  • Embroidery Foot “W”
  • Sewing Foot “J”
  • Decorative Stitch foot “N”
  • Overcast Foot “G”
  • Screw Driver for changing foot and/or needle
  • Bring your lunch for Tuesday or go out.
  • Bring any snacks that you want during the day.

Lunch Break on Tuesday from 12-1:30 (no lunch provided)

I look forward to seeing many of our Ellisimo Owners on Monday and Tuesday.

Have a great sewing day,


TruStitch Regulator from Babylock.

ImageYou can now add a stitch regulator to your Babylock sewing machine. Yes, that is right, a stitch regulator for your Babylock Ellisimo, Unity, Crescendo, Ellegante, Ellageo Plus, Esante or Symphony. WOW!  This weekend, Feb 1-4, 2013 you can buy a TruStitch Regulator with 24 months 0% financing for qualified buyers at Humble Sewing Center. We have them in stock and ready to go. If you don’t have a Babylock, then you add the machine of your choice to your purchase and start free motion quilting today. 

Imagine Free motion quilting with stitch regulation. I am doing just that. I now have my TruStitch Regulator setup on my Ellisimo.  All I need is a little practice and I will be ready to tackle my first quilt with free motion quilting using the TruStitch Regulator. 

As soon as I finish, I will post a photo of my first ever quilt using free motion quilting. I have always loved the look but have never been able to master the technique. With a stitch regulator and some patience on my part, I am sure that I will be create a beautiful quilt.

Until next time, happy quilting,