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Patchwork Tote Bags Created at Embroidery Club

Happy Spring! And, what a wonderful spring day it is. As I am sitting on my back porch, I am catching up on the blog. I wanted to post the pictures of the Patchwork Totes that we created in Embroidery Club.

We started at February’s club where we started to embroider the 16 blocks needed for the Anita Goodesign Project – Patchwork Tote. Since we had so many blocks to make, we did not get all of them finished in one night. Everyone was asked to finish their blocks at home and come back at the end of March with the finished blocks and their sewing machine. It was time for the assembly of the bag.

We decided at class to change the bottom of the bag. My original one has a rounded bottom, but flat bottom seemed better for a more useable bag. Everyone decided to use the flat bottom idea.

The bags were all finished by the end of the evening so everyone went home with a completed tote. And, they were awesome.  The color combinations and the selection of embroidery designs made everyone a unique work of art.

It was such fun to make the bags. If you have an embroidery machine with a 5×7 hoop, be sure to get the Anita Goodesign Patchwork Tote design collection. You will be so happy with the bag that you make.



If you make a tote, let me know, I would love to post a picture of your tote on our blog.

Next month, look for samples of the Thread Catcher.

Have a great “sewing day,


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