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Digitizing w/Aggie Jan. 10, 2015

“Santa in a Car” 

Masterworks or Floriani FTC/U

SANTA IN CAR STITCH-OUTWhen: Saturday – January 10, 2015 – 10 pm – 1pm 

Where: Humble Sewing Center/SewVac Outlet 

Class Project: Santa in a Car (Beginner & Advanced)

Cost: $30 pre-paid at SewVac  (in store, online via PayPal, credit card via phone)

Before Class: Get latest software update, run anti-virus, bring your computer mouse! 

Santa will be on vacation in Hawaii for this class, but he is a great subject to digitize because of the techniques that you learn. This “Santa in Car” design measures 7.5” x 8.5” high.  Santa’s suit, cap and car are appliqued, his hair is wave filled and his beard and mustache are embroidered with the “Satin Path” to provide a silky, curly look.

It utilizes the following stitch types:

  • Running Stitch
  • Satin (Steil) Stitch
  • Standard Fill
  • Wave Fill
  • Column (Satin) Path
  • Jagged Column (Satin) Path

Because of the stitch types used in this design, its clipart is excellent for learning how to digitize.  However, depending on a minimum familiarity with your software, this entire design cannot be taught or digitized within a 3-hour class period, but it can be managed by separating into the following suggested parts:

  1. Face, Beard and Mustache
  2. Hair, Facial Features, Cap and Holy Wreath
  3. Body and Car

You will learn how to:

  • Digitize for Applique
  • Choose and use stitches that give the appearance of texture – such as the look of fur
  • Apply stitches that curve with the artwork
  • Determine the correct pathway through the design – the order in which parts should be stitched

You will learn how to perform the basics for digitizing the design and get you setup for completing parts on your own away from class.  In the first class you will learn how to prepare your artwork before beginning to digitize and will be given a “pathway” plan to follow that will minimize time required to stitch-out because of fewer thread cuts and thread jumps.


Embossed Towel

As I mentioned, I am traveling in our RV.  Maybe traveling is not the appropriate word at the moment, since we are spending the next 3 months in Clermont, Florida.  We are a few miles from Disney World which has been one of our favorite places for many years. My sister-in-law came to visit from New Jersey. She is staying for 2 weeks. She enjoys sewing as much as I do, but has not done any machine embroidery. In our travels to the local quilt shops, we satowelw a towel with an embossed letter. I told her that I could make that. So we bought hand towels to embroider. I bought one. We don’t need many in the RV. Rose bought six, 2 for each of 3 daughters.

Back at the RV, I created the “embossed design” using Florian Total Control/U. I had 4 designs to create, A, G, F, and V.

I embroidered the towel using my Janome 9900.

Below is a link for the instructions on how to create the monogram using the Floriani Total Control/U software.

Embossed Monogram

Next post: Instructions on how to embroider the towel.

Gift Give-Away #2: In the Hoop Wallet Design Pack!

Hi Ladies and any Crafty Gents who may be reading!

Everybody’s Koozies and Key Fobs are ready and will be available for pick up as of 3pm, Dec. 7th, at Humble Sewing Center. Click this picture for more details and to see the winner’s list:

Everybody's koozies & key fobs are Ready!!! Click here for pick-up details.

Read on to Check out our next Gift Give-Away!

This month, Humble Sewing Center is giving away a design pack for this In-the-Hoop Credit Card Wallet created by our very own, Marje Agostini.  This project is made entirely in the embroidery hoop.  No sewing machine required!  (Wallet requires a 5×7 hoop.)

Package includes 27 wallet designs with Curlz letters A-Z and a blank wallet for adding your own monogram or other design.  Design CD has designs in all formats and also PDF instructions to make your project/projects.

I have this design set.  In fact, it was my very first in-the-hoop project ever and I really enjoyed making it.

I also made one for my uncle who LOVES to play golf.  So, I added a golf theme to the blank wallet and used my Janome, Jr. Digitizer software to print out my template to preview.  I stitched it out and gave it to him.  He was so impressed and thankful to have such a one of a kind gift.

Design Template for customized in-the-hoop wallet

Here are a few more pictures of a sample wallet:

Here is the wallet unfolded and laying flat.

Here is an inside view of the wallet. Perfect for holding credit or debit cards etc.

Ok!  So how do you win this awesome prize???

#1 Please make sure you are registered to follow this blog via email.  Only registered followers are eligible to win.  There is a link to register on the right hand side menu bar.

#2 Write a comment on this blog post letting us know that you want to be entered for this prize drawing.

#3 On Dec. 16th we will have a random drawing for all names entered.  If you are the winner, we will contact you via email.

#4 It’s that easy!  Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

Let’s Get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny

SUPER Fun Embroidery & Digitizing Software

Custom Super G Capes

Custom Projects are Fun!

Yes, my last name is Gabriel but, no, these aren’t my capes.  I recently custom made them for a client.

Once they were done, I proudly showed them to my teen daughters who both put in special requests for their own Super G capes.  I think they plan to wear them out and about on random shopping errands.  Like I’ve said before, I am enjoying raising these girls and I find their teenage ways very entertaining.  I really can’t point fingers at them, considering some of the crazy things I wore in public when I was their age.  We won’t go there!

Digitizing Software is Cool!

Anyway, it was so much fun to create these specialty appliques with the help of my Janome Digitizer Jr, that I decided to post about it here.

And before I go on to share a few creation details, I just wanted to mention that if you have an embroidery machine, you may want to consider purchasing some Digitizing Software.  I’ve personally found it very useful in a number of ways:

  • View & edit designs on my laptop before transferring them to my embroidery machine
  • Delete unwanted portions of designs & combine designs during the editing process
  • Print out actual size design templates with cloth setter marking (this comes in handy when deciding where to place designs on a project and helps with accurate hooping)
  • Create your own custom designs by scanning in images and converting them to stitches (very cool)

There’s an ocean worth of different software on the market and shopping can be overwhelming.  I feel most comfortable buying embroidery software from my local sewing machine dealership, Humble Sewing Center.  They are always willing to answer my questions, steer me in the right direction, and help me find out what I need to make an informed decision.

Creation Details:

First I searched for a free SuperMan logo and downloaded it.  Then I printed it out to use as a template and to give me a size reference for my letter G.

Then I used my digitizing software to customize & resize an applique G that I had purchased and downloaded from the internet.

Janome Digitizer Jr

Template w/ Cloth setter marking

Next, I printed out a template of my customized letter G with the cloth setter marking for help with design placement.

Template & Test Sew Super G

I over-laid the G on top of my SuperMan template and used this to help me hoop my fabric and stitch out a pink, leopard print, experimental “Super G” with my embroidery machine.

I think I’ll put it on a black apron for my Grandma!  SHE is a super G!

Once I had a successful test, I proceeded to sew these out for each cape in their respective colors.  I then made the capes using McCalls pattern 2853 as my guide.

These capes are fully lined, so before I attached the lining, I fused and appliqued the super G diamonds to each cape, using a 7mm wide satin stitch with a .3mm stitch length and matching embroidery thread to outline the diamond.

That’s all for now!
Let’s get sewing!
Jenny Gabriel – alter ego: StitchinJenny