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The Best Embroidery Software Workshop…. FTC-U Workshop with Trevor Conquergood.

For those of you who know me, I am a software junkie. After a career in technology, I retired to be a stay at home grandma, providing day care for my grandchildren. During that time, I purchased my first embroidery machine and embroidery software. In a couple of years, I started teaching others how to use embroidery software at a few sewing machine dealers. Over the years, I used Brother PE Design, Babylock Palette, Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Professional, Autodigitzing, Artistic Sewing Suite, Janome Digitizer, Bernina Designer Plus, Designers Gallery Masterworks, and Floriani Total Control-U. So now, you know why I consider myself a software junkie.

I’ve read many books on digitizing, taken many classes, and watched many tutorials. Recently, I bought the FTC-U Workshop with Trevor Conquergood. I wanted to see what Trevor offered in his workshops. The initial video training in on DVD. In those videos, Trevor explains the basics of FTC-U. He explains every tool, and when, why, and how to use the tool. He provides short cuts tips during the videos. Once, you have the basics, sign up for the 12 month workshop program. Trevor will send you the link to download each of the monthly workshops from the webinars. Each and every video is worth watching over and over until you are comfortable.

In this month’s webinar, Trevor spent time¬†answering questions sent to him at the beginning of the webinar. He took the time to explain his answers. But, please be prepared to spend extra time on the webinar. This month the webinar was two hours long. It was worth every minute. I am impressed with Trevor’s teaching style and his willingness to help. He truly wants everyone who takes the workshop to learn how to use the software. The workshop is not just for those who want to digitize. It is for those who want to learn how to get the most out of their software.

I am impressed with the FTC-U Workshop and strongly suggest that anyone who owns FTC-U purchase the Workshop. Then, dedicate some time to really learn how to use the software. Of all, the software that I own, my go to software is FTC-U.

Stay tuned to the blog if you are an FTC-U user, I will be posting some tips and techniques in the future.

In the meantime, Happy Embroidering!