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SUPER Fun Embroidery & Digitizing Software

Custom Super G Capes

Custom Projects are Fun!

Yes, my last name is Gabriel but, no, these aren’t my capes.  I recently custom made them for a client.

Once they were done, I proudly showed them to my teen daughters who both put in special requests for their own Super G capes.  I think they plan to wear them out and about on random shopping errands.  Like I’ve said before, I am enjoying raising these girls and I find their teenage ways very entertaining.  I really can’t point fingers at them, considering some of the crazy things I wore in public when I was their age.  We won’t go there!

Digitizing Software is Cool!

Anyway, it was so much fun to create these specialty appliques with the help of my Janome Digitizer Jr, that I decided to post about it here.

And before I go on to share a few creation details, I just wanted to mention that if you have an embroidery machine, you may want to consider purchasing some Digitizing Software.  I’ve personally found it very useful in a number of ways:

  • View & edit designs on my laptop before transferring them to my embroidery machine
  • Delete unwanted portions of designs & combine designs during the editing process
  • Print out actual size design templates with cloth setter marking (this comes in handy when deciding where to place designs on a project and helps with accurate hooping)
  • Create your own custom designs by scanning in images and converting them to stitches (very cool)

There’s an ocean worth of different software on the market and shopping can be overwhelming.  I feel most comfortable buying embroidery software from my local sewing machine dealership, Humble Sewing Center.  They are always willing to answer my questions, steer me in the right direction, and help me find out what I need to make an informed decision.

Creation Details:

First I searched for a free SuperMan logo and downloaded it.  Then I printed it out to use as a template and to give me a size reference for my letter G.

Then I used my digitizing software to customize & resize an applique G that I had purchased and downloaded from the internet.

Janome Digitizer Jr

Template w/ Cloth setter marking

Next, I printed out a template of my customized letter G with the cloth setter marking for help with design placement.

Template & Test Sew Super G

I over-laid the G on top of my SuperMan template and used this to help me hoop my fabric and stitch out a pink, leopard print, experimental “Super G” with my embroidery machine.

I think I’ll put it on a black apron for my Grandma!  SHE is a super G!

Once I had a successful test, I proceeded to sew these out for each cape in their respective colors.  I then made the capes using McCalls pattern 2853 as my guide.

These capes are fully lined, so before I attached the lining, I fused and appliqued the super G diamonds to each cape, using a 7mm wide satin stitch with a .3mm stitch length and matching embroidery thread to outline the diamond.

That’s all for now!
Let’s get sewing!
Jenny Gabriel – alter ego: StitchinJenny

Tutorial: Personalized Mug w/ Embroidery

Personalized Mugs Make a great gift!

One of the very first things I learned to do with my embroidery machine was this quick and easy project when I attended an embroidery class at Humble Sewing Center with Instructor:  Marje Agostini.

FYI:  She’s pretty much an embroidery guru, so if you ever get the chance to attend one of her monthly Inspiration classes – you’ll have a good time, get more comfortable using your machine, and learn some neat tips & tricks for machine embroidery.

Ok, back to the mugs!  In the picture, the mug on the right was done using Marje’s instructions, except I decided to use fabric instead of kiwi paper.  If you decide to make one with fabric, just be sure to use a medium to heavy weight, fusible, cut-away permanent stabilizer.  Fuse it to the wrong side of your fabric before stitching and your fabric will behave just like the kiwi paper.

With permission, I’m posting Marje’s class instructions and a supply list for your review:

Supplies:  one 16oz. mug (available at Humble Sewing Center), one sheet of Kiwi Paper (at HSC), Peel ‘n Stick Stabilizer, Use a 4×4 or larger embroidery hoop,  16oz. Mug Template (attached to this blog post in a  link)

16oz.mug template

Note:  If you enjoyed this project and you want to order mugs in bulk, visit this link.  There is a $50 minimum order required.


Let’s Get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego: StitchinJenny

Tips for Embroidery with Metallic Threads

Machine Embroidery Tips: Using Metallic Thread

Have you ever tried to use metallic thread for machine embroidery and it just keeps breaking over and over and OVER???  Me too!!!  Sooooo, I looked up some tips and I’m posting them here for your review.  I want to be sure to give credit where it’s due so, want to let you know I found this info on a site called:  http://www.annaboveembroidery.com

Let’s Get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego: StitchinJenny

Jenny's Reversible Bag w/ Continuous Embroidery

Continuous Embroidery w/ Perfect Results!

Jenny's Reversible Bag w/ Continuous Embroidery 

Fully Reversible Bag with Continuous Machine Embroidery

Hello all!  I’m SewVac Outlet’s newest Guest Blogger, Jenny Gabriel, of StitchinJenny.com.  It’s a pleasure to chime in with some fun projects and tips/techniques to enhance your sewing!

This is my version of a bag that was inspired by a post on a blog called:  http://verypurpleperson.com/2010/04/making-reversible-bag.html  If you want the pattern, just visit this link!

I decided to make a few tweaks to the bag by enlarging it, adding an inset zipper, and the magic of continuous embroidery.

To be honest, I decided to take a minute and watch this very helpful video by Nancy Zieman, before doing my “experiment.”  Lots of good info here.  Enjoy!

Let’s Get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny