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Book Review: Fabric-By-Fabric One Yard Wonders

That sounds familiar, right?


This is actually Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskin’s follow up to one of my favorite books, One Yard Wonders. The original focused mainly on quilting fabric from what I understand. This one is divided into chapters for the following:

Chapter 1: Fabric Fundamentals

Chapter 2: Lightweight Cottons

Chapter 3: Quilting-Weight Cottons

Chapter 4: Home Dec Fabrics

Chapter 5: Flannel

Chapter 6: Woven Pile Fabrics

Chapter 7: Coated Fabrics

Chapter 8: Fleece

Chapter 9: Knits

Chapter 10: Wool


Again, they have made a great hardcover book with a spiral you can see on the back to help it fold open while you work.


The first thing I noticed is that this book is much thicker than its predecessor. The patterns at the front of the book are very substantial.


I found this page invaluable. It is a fabric cheat sheet that tells you very specifically how to work with every type of fabric listed in the book. It even included the best way to mark and press the fabric! I see me using this as a reference often as I enjoy working with new types of fabric, but use a lot of trial and error to get things right.


I had to show an example of how well the directions for the projects are laid out. The directions are always spot on as well.


I love this cute travel set!

Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders

What really sold me was a review by Dixie DIY of the Panties that are pictured above from the Panties and Camisole set done in knits. I have been wanting to try underwear, but just haven’t gotten around to it. She convinced me! She did at least one more project out of this book she reviewed as well that was cute.

Final Verdict: I knew this book would be a sure thing because I loved the first one, but I am even more pleased with it than I imagined. Expect to see some projects from me in the future.

Book Review: One-Yard Wonders


I have had the book One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins for several months now, and it is a fun go-to book when you need to make up a last minute present or fun project for yourself. The book features 101 projects that all use 1 yard of fabric or less. That makes for some fun stash busting too.


The book is a hard cover book that has a spiral binding allowing it to lay flat. That is great when you are referencing instructions on the project while you are working on it. There is also an envelope within the front cover that holds all the pattern pieces needed to complete the projects in the book.

The book is nicely divided into 11 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Sewing Fundamentals – a review of sewing basics
  • Chapter 2: Dwell Redux – home decorating projects
  • Chapter 3: Household Affairs – utilitarian projects for around the house
  • Chapter 4: Craft Organization – a chapter just for organizing your crafting tools
  • Chapter 5: On the Go – projects for the car, store, vacation and more
  • Chapter 6: From Head to Toe – wearable projects
  • Chapter 7: Carry it All – various bags and totes
  • Chapter 8: Outfit your Small Wonder – projects for infants
  • Chapter 9: Accessorize your Little One – projects for toddlers
  • Chapter 10: Playtime – toys
  • Chapter 11: Your Furry Friends – projects designed for pets

What I love about this book is just about every time I think to myself, “I wonder if I could make _______.” I can usually check One-Yard Wonders and find my answer. I have used it to make baby shower gifts, organizational tools and even an apron I love.

When I buy a sewing book I like to be sure I will use it more than once whether for projects or as a reference. One-Yard Wonders fits the bill. It also allows me to buy small amounts of fabric I love that I would not necessarily wear to make great projects.

The book also has a great following over at Pink Chalk Fabrics which had a sew-along with the book. You can see some of the amazing projects that came out of the sew-along. I am always amazed at the wonderful results people get from some of the projects that did not strike me as amazing at first.

On that note, I would like to leave you with a picture of my apron I made from the book that I use all the time and just love.



Don’t you hate when you catch your toes n the picture? Well, as you can see from the book the directions are nicely laid out and well illustrated.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested.

Still Busting My Fabric Stash: Just Made the Cottage Apron!

Cottage Apron from book: "One Yard Wonders"

In between blog posts, thinking of new give-aways, being a home school mom, shuttling my kids to dance classes, teaching sewing classes, etc., I am still diligently chipping away at my fabric stash.

Remember those cute place mats I just made and posted a tutorial for?  Well, I had about one yard left over of the gingerbread fabric and I said to myself, “Self! You can make the cottage apron from that sweet book you just bought!  Your friend Stacie  just did, and hers turned out so cute!”  So……I did.

The patchwork place mat has matching gingerbread fabric on the back. It's there......trust me.

Back View of Cottage Apron Designed by: Charlot Meyer

The apron pattern called for using ribbon for the waist ties and back straps, but I didn’t have any 2″ wide ribbon on hand.  So, I made straps from the remainder of my fabric.  Here’s a view of the back of the apron.

The pattern calls for sewing the eyelet to the neckline of the apron AFTER the bias tape binding.  This makes the eyelet point towards your face.  I liked the way Stacie did hers, so I followed her example instead of the instructions.

Jenny's Cottage Apron

Also, the pattern did not call for trimming the pockets with the pre-gathered eyelet, but I love eyelet.  So, I chose to add in an extra touch of it….

Eyelet trimmed pockets

Victory!!! One more yard of fabric is officially BUSTED!

With the gathers, bust darts, eyelet trim, criss-cross tie backs, etc., I think this is one of the “cutest” aprons that I’ve made so far.

I hope you like aprons, too, because, I’ve got a shameful amount of patterns and good intentions to sew them out soon……   Be forewarned, more aprons to come!

Thanks for reading!

Let’s Get Sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego:  StitchinJenny

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Sewing Books Make Great Gifts, Too!

I have a sewing student and dear friend, Liz Taylor, who’s ventured into the wonderful world of quilting at a local sewing group.  She asked me about projects for fat quarters the other day, so I went looking…….found this terrific book and bought it!  (Merry Christmas Liz!!!)

Based on the books I found, most often, fat quarters are used in quilts.

But, this book isn’t just for quilts.  It has a mixture of quick little things like eye glasses case, wonderful bag patterns (which I LOVE!), some lovely quilts and more,more, MORE!  If a book has at least 3 or more projects in it that I think I’d actually take the time to make, I’ll usually go ahead and buy it.  This one has several.

Wanna see a picture of my sewing room bookcase?

The 2nd row is full of my kid’s school books.  (We homeschool.)  But the top row is a growing collection of fun sewing/crafting books that just got a little bigger today because, when I found the Fat Quarter book for Liz, I also found….

“One-Yard Wonders” for me!

The ladies who wrote this book know about my sewing room fabric closet.  They know about the fabric I have stashed beneath my cutting table.  And they know that I will often buy a yard of this or a yard of that not even really sure what I want to make from it, but I’ve just got to have it….

So, they stuffed this book full of fun projects to help me in my mission to BUST my fabric stash!  (So I can buy more fabric, so I can bust my stash, so I can buy more….) heh, heh, ummm…..  And, moving right along.

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Well, Happy Friday everybody!

Let’s get sewing!

Jenny Gabriel – alter ego: StitchinJenny