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TruStitch Regulator from Babylock.

ImageYou can now add a stitch regulator to your Babylock sewing machine. Yes, that is right, a stitch regulator for your Babylock Ellisimo, Unity, Crescendo, Ellegante, Ellageo Plus, Esante or Symphony. WOW!  This weekend, Feb 1-4, 2013 you can buy a TruStitch Regulator with 24 months 0% financing for qualified buyers at Humble Sewing Center. We have them in stock and ready to go. If you don’t have a Babylock, then you add the machine of your choice to your purchase and start free motion quilting today. 

Imagine Free motion quilting with stitch regulation. I am doing just that. I now have my TruStitch Regulator setup on my Ellisimo.  All I need is a little practice and I will be ready to tackle my first quilt with free motion quilting using the TruStitch Regulator. 

As soon as I finish, I will post a photo of my first ever quilt using free motion quilting. I have always loved the look but have never been able to master the technique. With a stitch regulator and some patience on my part, I am sure that I will be create a beautiful quilt.

Until next time, happy quilting,


I am so Excited… About Babylock Tech.

I am in St. Louis at Baby lock Tech. It is the time when Baby lock introduces their new products. And, this year the new products are really exciting.

The Ellisimo is still the top of the line sewing and embroidery machine with a new product that will really excite the quilters. A Tru-Stitch stitch regulator is on the way. We expect to receive it in December and are taking pre-orders now. Stop by Humble sewing Center for more details. So many customers ask about a stitch regulator and, now, finally we can answer “YES”. There is no better time to buy a Baby lock Ellisimio. We are offering a fantastic fall promotion, as well.

I will add pictures when I get home. Watch for the updates.

Happy Stitching,